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Bad Heilbrunner needed some fresh air – an updated digital presence to improve brand perception, create and emotional connection and rejuvenate the brand personality. How could we digitally position the market leader in medicinal teas as THE expert for medicinal herbal knowledge and natural health?
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Bad Heilbrunner Produkte: Alles Gute aus der Natur Bad Heilbrunner Produkte: Alles Gute aus der Natur
Focus on customer interests and needs: The website as a content platform picked up on the trends toward herbal remedies and the increasing health awareness of the target group.
Restructuring of the website and prominent presentation of the products
Produktdetailseite der Bad Heilbrunner Website Produktdetailseite der Bad Heilbrunner Website
Iconset: vegan, glutenfrei, ohne Zusatz von Aromen, nicht in der Schwangerschaft anwendbar Iconset: vegan, glutenfrei, ohne Zusatz von Aromen, nicht in der Schwangerschaft anwendbar
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Bad Heilbrunner Blog Bad Heilbrunner Blog
Bad Heilbrunner Instagram-Post Bad Heilbrunner Instagram-Post
Bad Heilbrunner Blog auf dem Smartphone Bad Heilbrunner Blog auf dem Smartphone
Content that informs and inspires: The channel and content strategy create theme worlds for medicinal teas or sorts them by what they help with, such as colds or gastrointestinal complaints.
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Bad Heilbrunner cold energy tea Bad Heilbrunner cold energy tea
Bad Heilbrunner Gewinnspielteaser Bad Heilbrunner Gewinnspielteaser
Social media strategy with a focus on herbal knowledge and health topics helped strengthen the natural positioning of the brand as a medicinal herb expert.
Person fotografiert Produkt Person fotografiert Produkt
Instagram Post für Bad Heilbrunner Instagram Post für Bad Heilbrunner
The design and usability were refreshed with a focus on customer-centric added value: The website became a content marketing platform with an extensive product range and improved brand recognition cyperfection was also responsible for the ongoing editorial support of the website and the social media channels.
The project in detail

From the strategy to launching the new digital brand identity
With over 50 years experience, Bad Heilbrunner® is the specialist producer of naturally effective teas and selected natural remedies. Its high-quality products are based on old medicinal plant knowledge and state-of-the-art phytomedicine. Its claim: to naturally improve the health and quality of life of modern-day people.

But even for traditional brands, making an appearance in digital space is of particular importance in today’s day and age – consistent and user-oriented communication is decisive for its success.

The challenge – the brief
The task was to develop a digital strategy to update the future digital appearance of Bad Heilbrunner® and improve customer brand awareness. In addition to emotionalising and rejuvenating the brand personality, the brand was also to be positioned more strongly among its target groups’ holistic understanding of health as the expert when it comes to medicinal herbs and health issues.

The goals

  • Positioning Bad Heilbrunner as an expert in health matters
  • Improve brand perception among (potential) customers
  • Rejuvenation of the brand personality and corresponding communication of the product portfolio

The target group
Health conscious women over the age of 30.

Our approach
To begin with, the strategic and communicative goals of the project were defined in a joint workshop, where answers to questions about Bad Heilbrunner’s role in the marketplace, a more in-depth definition of target groups and much more were established.

This was followed by competition and target group analyses. The aim was to find out how the competitors were positioned digitally, who would be targeted by the brand in the future, and what kind of needs and requirements the target group had. In addition, an analysis of the company’s website content, social media channels and brand image on the internet was evaluated as part of a content audit. A visibility analysis (SEO) as well as an analysis of existing Google Ads campaigns were conducted. The aim was to obtain a detailed overview of the brand’s current visibility on the internet, optimisation potential and customer-relevant topics. Based on the results of the analysis phase, cyperfection then derived strategic and operational recommendations for the digital brand identity.

The insight
Customer centricity means putting the interests and needs of customers in the forefront. Which is why website and social media presence was pivotal in creating real added value. In order to address the noticeable trend towards self-medication as well as growing health awareness among target groups, the healing efficacy of Bad Heilbrunner products had to be explained and confidence in the brand needed to be created through professionally established information.

Content that makes all the difference
As part of the channel and content strategy, the company website was transformed into a content marketing platform with topical areas on the relevant indications for the medicinal teas, such as colds or gastrointestinal complaints.

An integral part of the content strategy: the social media strategy developed by cyperfection, which focuses on herbal healing properties, health topics and advice on acute complaints – which in turn effectively positions the brand as a herbal expert, friend and helper.

Everything at a glance
As part of the previous analyses, it quickly became clear that the website needed a design and usability refresher, especially in the extensive product range. On the revised product pages, the user can now find all the helpful information it is seeking at a glance – such as the detailed presentation of the areas of application, integrated herbal knowledge and allergy labelling. In addition, the navigation and start page have a whole new look and feel to them.

Our services
As a digital lead agency of Bad Heilbrunner® natural remedies:

  • Integrated consultation
  • Development of a user-centred digital strategy
  • Concept & creative
  • Channel and content strategy
  • Social media strategy & support
  • Usability & user experience
  • Content creation
  • Technical realisation