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Find out what advantages a modular content strategy can bring you in content marketing and how you can implement it.

If you ask marketing managers in pharmaceutical companies about the biggest time wasters in their day-to-day work, one answer is certainly in the top 5: The approval processes for content with the medical and legal departments.

Eva Ciuman
6. March 2024
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Especially in the healthcare sector, where the reliability, timeliness and quality of the information provided is essential, approval and coordination processes can be very time-consuming and resource-intensive. At the same time, there is an ever-increasing abundance of channels with a more or less long half-life of the information that needs to be served: multichannel, multistakeholder - multicomplex.

How can companies and agencies master these requirements without constantly scaling up their budgets and resources? One answer may be the creation of so-called "modular content". Read on to find out what this is all about and how you can integrate this strategy into your own way of working:

Why in the healthcare sector in particular?

There is hardly any other sector in which the provision of information is so sensitive and complex. Patients, relatives and healthcare professionals are looking for comprehensible, reliable and medically verified information - on all channels. Each asset has to be created individually and approved internally, even though the content is often similar.

A concrete example of the modular content strategy

A company has several OTC products in its portfolio (e.g. sore throat tablets, laxative capsules and a bladder infection remedy) and operates a website with a blog, an Instagram channel, a newsletter and e-detailing for HCPs for each brand. Certainly, each of these websites has at least one article about the importance of drinking plenty of fluids for each indication - but the focus is different.

In the modular content approach, a blog article would be created from individual, self-contained modules (e.g. text modules with references, images, infographics), which are released once and then rearranged again and again and enriched with modules for indication-specific content. One of the modules ends up in the newsletter, an image in social media and the approved infographic for the impact study in e-detailing.

What are the advantages of modular content?

  1. Streamline approval processes
    Once released, the individual modules can be combined individually, translated into the respective national languages and used on different platforms without having to initiate the release process anew each time.
  2. Enable personalisation
    Every patient, every relative, every healthcare professional has individual needs. Modular content can be easily customised to provide tailored information for different target groups. The modules are also suitable as "fodder" for AI-supported marketing automation tools such as Salesforce Einstein.
  3. Ensure consistency
    For brands, the consistency of information is a decisive factor in building trust. The reuse of tested content modules ensures that the information is standardised and error-free across all channels. A content management solution such as Veeva PromoMats can be useful in establishing a "single source of truth" here.
  4. Promoting agility
    The world of medicine is developing rapidly. Modular content makes it possible to react quickly to new findings by updating existing modules or replacing them with new ones.

How do you start with modular content?

Implementing modular content strategies may seem challenging at first, because it's not quite as easy as the Lego example above.

It requires careful planning, the creation of a structured content pool, the development of clever templates and - most importantly - the willingness to move away from rigid content formats and processes. To do this, all relevant stakeholders need to be brought on board and convinced. But the effort will be worth it: Once established, modular content enables flexible, efficient and, above all, effective communication.

First steps

Do you have specific challenges in the area of content marketing and would like some non-binding advice on how you can implement a modular content strategy in your company? Then please send us an E-Mail or get in touch with me at 0621-587104-0.

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